Posted: Jul 8, 2019
Senior Director, Reentry Services
CoreCivic - Brentwood, TN
Application Deadline: N/A

At #CoreCivic, we are passionate about and committed to providing returning citizens with the tools they need to be successful upon release.  We are committed to reducing #recidivism and providing far reaching programs for those who need them the most. We are searching for a new enterprise level leader to help us continue growing, enhancing and validating our comprehensive approach to addressing this national crisis. If you have spent your career dedicated to these efforts, this is an opportunity to lead teams, nationwide, in providing #mentalhealth & #behavioralhealth counseling, #addictionrecovery, spiritual guidance, educational, vocational, and employment advisory services for justice involved individuals.  We are looking for someone with broad and deep strategic level leadership in the #criminaljustice field, specifically focused on #evidencebasedprogramming, #casemanagement, #treatment, #educational, and #reentry programs for justice involved individuals.  


Check out just some of the programs we have spotlighted here:


The Senior Director, Reentry Services leads our #Reentry Services teams in Brentwood, TN. You will be the strategic leader of CoreCivic's correctional and community-based programming, reentry and recidivism-reduction efforts.  You will lead and foster programming innovation and validation efforts, including the design and introduction of new programs, the evaluation of existing programs and the tracking of programmatic efficacy and outcomes.  This role oversees ALL reentry programs to include GoFurther, education, chaplaincy, treatment, victim impact, recreation, and pre-release preparation for all CoreCivic facilities.  Establishes, monitors, and evaluates policy and procedures relating to the operations and management of each location's reentry department.  It is also responsible for managing CoreCivic's proprietary school and ensures all programs meet applicable standards, codes, laws, and procedures.